The mistake or Achilles heel of the patriarchal organization is that it not only hierarchized sex-gender relations, but also made them binding. Thus, the supposed masculine superiority is real meanwhile women accept to consider themselves inferior to men.

Victoria Sau

Women have felt the strangeness of patriarchal organization. That is why feminist philosophy is disassociated with the current social reality and fights for the emancipation of the human being.

The Patriarchate is based on four pillars, from which social injustices are spreading.

 1. The unquestionable Patriarchy as a unique history, despite the anthropological knowledge of diverse societies, or the archaeological discoveries which shows the harmonic and non-exclusive relationships of the Prepatriarcal society existence​.

2. The cancellation of the figure of the mother goddess linked to the fertility Mother Nature cult, a sacred mother, place and common good of all human beings. This cult existed on Palaeolithic era until almost the last phase of the Neolithic era. When patriarchal monotheism emerged, all female divinity is annulled and it becomes a distance between what is divine or corporeal, and therefore an abyss of fictional separation between humanity and nature is created.

3. In the culture / nature hierarchy, the feminine is relegated to the natural order. A survival that revives the antithetical dual Cartesian idea between the mind and the body, promoting the objectification of women idea.

4. The disorder in the first male/female hierarchy generates a higher/ lower categorization pattern is extended to other social pathologies.

Primary matrix of hierarchical male-female relationship
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